Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Assignment #1

I think Baxter is trying to say that technology today is a trend in society. People rely on computers, phones, digital devices for organization and memory as well as information. The competition of knowledge through technology devices for process information and guiding people throughtout their daily lives for work, advice, and information allows people to focus less on their lack of experience to their social surroundings such as their neighbors name, and importatnt events in daily life. When they do forget simple things like this, they become so hard on themself.
Throughout Baxter's various parts of the essay he explains two types of memories, one is personal memory and the other is computer memory. He gives life experiences of people and his hypothetical reasons to how people view high tech devices as positive and negative in today's information age , and how people portray "forgetting" as a negative connotation.


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